Amiga21 Corporation of Texarkana

Cogito Ergo Sum

The Amiga21 will inspire you, inform you, guide you, keep you safe, find your wallet, and keep you entertained. And that will be out of the box. This is my SimStation on the Workbench in my garage. It’s the most advanced training device ever designed. Above is the last SimStation build by a team I managed at ARCO Technology Transfer Group in Plano, Texas until 1996. It remains unsurpassed for cost effective training and education. Take a look and try to remember what you were using in 1995. Honestly, you won’t find a computer this good today! What this country needs is a computer that responds to voice commands in all languages and is absolutely free of viruses and stable for months without a crash. We had one in 1995 and I still have one. It’s the Amiga…and it’s time to bring it back. Every two dollar donation will an Amiga21 fresh off the line much sooner than you might think. Every 50.00 donation to will secure one share. If the IPO share price is less than 50.00 you will get more shares. Bear in mind that Apple reached over 500.00 per share only a couple of years after bottoming at 2.50. Worth a shot, my friends. If you don’t have 50.00, donate a dollar or more and get a free Amiga21 of your choice when available. The cover photo was taken in my garage this morning. My friends and I are calling the book “Garage 2.0” in honor of Jobs and Wazniak. We will initially offer only two models, a laptop and a tablet. The laptop will faster at gaming and everything else than ANY Mac or PC at a far lower price. Expect to get your local paper on the tablet at the same rate you are paying for an Ipad now…THAT”s a deal. None of the above are empty promises, as all are based on existing technology. Other features will include:

  • DOD level security against viruses and spyware

  • No advertising except on newspapers, magazines and the like.

  • Simultaneous raster and vector output (don’t worry about it if you don’t know what that means…computer pros will and nobody else has it)

What this means for Texarkana is major growth. We will first need a corporate headquarters at a site I’ve already chosen. Next we’ll need to build a plant that will pay much more for all workers in both salary and shares than any existing company…and a LOT more of them. It will be environmentally safe with clear power from Tesla solar arrays. Then we’ll need an intermodal hub with with a cargo airport and rail service. Of course, that will attract more business like FedEx, Amazon, Walmart and such. Eventually, the Mallette Foundation will donate enough money to the city to completely cover city needs and infrastructure. That is not an empty promise either as Walmart pretty will does the same for Bentonville right now. Point is that what Amiga21 contributes to the city will come off our taxes and replace yours with direct grants to the city…which we will monitor and ensure are spent to benefit YOU. So, your 50.00 for a share will come back in multiple ways. I need share purchases to come directly to me through PayPal, though we will have a way to take credit cards shortly. The reason I need share purchase to come directly is that this money will be used to speed opening of an office and such…the same that stock purchases are used for. Nothing in Dave’s pocket as I have enough already. For shares, PayPal 50.00 or multiples of 50 to I will be blogging on this site (The Workbench) and the first one is up now.

The Amiga21 will inspire you, inform you, guide you, keep you safe, find your wallet, and keep you entertained.


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